About us  Network of Factory

The network of factories is located in Hung Phu 2B Industrial Zone, Phu Thu Ward, Cai Rang District, Can Tho city. The total area of the factory is 70 hectares. The factory is near the center of the city. The factory’s location is perfect for unloading or transporting the goods. One side is bounded by Hau River which is very convenient for transporting goods by waterway. The other side is bounded by land so it’s convenient for transporting goods over land.

There is a representative office is in Cai Khe shopping center. The address is 100 Tran Van Kheo Street, Cai Khe Ward, Ninh Kieu District, Can Tho. There is an office for staff on each factory site.

There is a network of seafood factories associated together, such as the Fish factory, Shrimp factory and Processing fish factory. We have our own aquaculture farms that provide a large portion of clean and fresh materials for our factories. We are going to have some more factories, such as a powdered fish factory and a canned food factory. Moreover, an aquaculture product supermarket will be established. Our long-term strategy is to build a continuum form of production like “Fish factory, Shrimp factory, Processing factory, canned food factory, powdered fish factory and aquaculture product supermarket”. There is also a clean and large factory precinct,  parking and a cafeteria for our customers, visitors and staff. We attempt to send a message to our customers “Think about Dong Tien when you think about aquaculture products”.

Our facilities are modern and high quality. Our factories are new. Furniture and producing tools (conveyor belts, cold stores, cold storages, metal detectors and motor graders…) are entirely imported from Mycom, Japan. Our factories are inspected and highly evaluated by Can Tho People’s Committees and Ministry of Fisheries. Water purification system and waste water treatment lakes are in place and constantly improved. Our products are produced based on ISO, HACCP… etc. Therefore, their quality is a high enough to be imported to many strict markets.

The Board of Directors are professional having many years of working experiences between them. CEO’s of the corporation regularly improve their working ability by learning from many Seafood Expositions, having more than 20 years of working experience. They can be known as aquaculture experts.

We are confident to assure our brand in international markets. Our staff are professional and skillful.  To us the worker is one of the most important parts of our corporation. We have a large number of workers that are hard-working, healthy and experienced. They are one of the most important elements to decide the quality of the product. Their contributions are one of the most valuable elements to decide customers’ satisfaction because our fundamental principle is “product quality and prestige”. Thanks to this principle, our corporation can overcome the obstacles in the current international economic crisis gradually, and make our corporation become more prestigious, not only in domestic markets but also currently in global markets.

Welcome to our company! Please help us send this message to other people because Dong Tien is your friend!